Pursuing God's
Will Together

by Ruth Haley Barton, D.D.

Church boards and other Christian leadership teams have long relied on models adapted from the secular world to make decisions. Trained spiritual director and not-for-profit leader, Ruth Haley Barton, helps teams transition to a much more fitting model—becoming spiritual communities that practice discernment together.

The book includes:

  • Substantive Biblical and theological reflection on corporate discernment
  • Step-by-step guidance for your group
  • Personal reflection questions throughout
  • Group practices at the end of each chapter

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"Pursuing God’s Will Together is a much needed corrective to our head-strong individualism today."

–Richard J. Foster

“This book needs a warning label: 'Content may be disruptive to your understanding of Christian life, leadership and community.' Ruth Haley Barton has provided every Christian with an invaluable resource for discerning and fulfilling the purposes of God.”

Professor Emeritus, Asbury Theological Seminary
and author of Invitation to a Journey and The Deeper Journey

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Table of Contents

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The Heart of Spiritual Leadership

Part One: Becoming a Community for Discernment

  1. Learning to See
  2. Beginning with Spiritual Transformation
  3. Leaders Who Are Discerning
  4. Community at the Leadership Level
  5. Values that Undergird Community
  6. Practices for Opening to God Together
  7. Practices for Listening to Each Other
  8. A Covenant That Protects Community

Part Two: Practicing Discernment Together

  1. Get Ready: Preparing for the Discernment Process
  2. Get Set: From Decision Making to Discernment
  3. Go! Discerning and Doing God's Will Together
  4. But Does It Work?

Appendix 1: Leader's Guide
Appendix 2: A Biblical Perspective on Spiritual Transformation
Appendix 3: Lectio Divina

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